fashion-show Elio Fronterrè ”Un chant d’amour” Fall-Winter 2016/17 new collection , inspired by Madame Bovary. In the splendid Piazza Regina Margherita, Marzamemi (Sicily)

fashion-show clip “Dark Movies Collection” Fall-Winter 2015/16. The “Dark Movie” collection is inspired by the divas of’40s noir cinema. Piazza Regina Margherita, Marzamemi (Sicily) 

fashion-show clip  Maria Callas collection fall winter 2014/15. The new collection is inspired by the “divine” Maria Callas. The square becomes opera, always P.zza Regina Margherita, always Marzamemi, Sicily

fashion-show clip  Alda Merini collection, fall winter 2013/14. Elio Fronterrè pays tribute to the poetess Alda Merino with its new collection and use as a venue deputy the picturesque courtyard of the Palazzo del Principe di Villadorata. Marzamemi, (Sicily)

clip fashion-show Frida collection fall winter 2012/13, Marzamemi (Sicily) Agosto 2012

spot Elio Fronterrè “you don’t need anything else”

spot some of the “Women / Dive” of the International Film Festival of the Frontier in 2015 dressed by “Elio Fronterrè”

spot Elio Fronterrè and the International Film Festival of Frontier, July 31, 2016, Marzamemi (Sicily)

spot Elisa Di Francisca dressed by Elio Fronterrè

artvideo created for the fashion-show “Dark Movies collection”, Candida Luciano and Anna Fedele, interpreter Elena Floridia. August 2015

artvideo “Liberamente” by and with Candida Luciano – fashion-show “Dark Movies collection”. Agosto 2015

instant Elisa di Francisca, in a Fronterré dress, host of the show “The Words of the Week” by Gramellini – RAI3. November 5, 2016