[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]elio_fronterre_aboutIt is only by chance that Elio Fronterrè was born in La Spezia, a city that he left when was 9 to move to the land of his parents: Sicily.

This is the small world, full of peasant poverty and tattooed fishermen, where strong colors dominate the wind and the night, and mother women invent and sing the present, waiting for a future that will conquer oblivion !
It is this world that is imprinted in the creases of his memories, and emerges from his creations, from his paintings (since he has always been passionate about painting, as well as cinema and literature).

This world also emerges from every single piece of him, which each time is richer and fuller of an artistic path, cultured and evocative, which makes Elio Fronterrè’s style a real journey of knowledge.
When he was 24, Elio made his passion an enterprise, distributing his products through several representative studios, and four years later, he undertook the opening of his retail outlets.

1 The search for vintage and evocative materials;
2 The use of images and words, recurring traveling companions;
3 The game of transformation of many pieces:
These are the basics of this stylist, who has always chosen to be a fashion outsider, remaining out of the more classical advertising circuits and from the lounges and the parades of this environment.
Elio Fronterrè, who is very young in his career as a “fashion artisan”, as he likes to define himself, continues today, being 40, his production of unique pieces and handicrafts, following and caring for his ateliers like he does his paintings: always with a great irony and unhealthy cynicism, which make him capable of never taking himself too seriously![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]